With the guidance of Kanchi Kamakoti Peedathipathi  HH Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal
Sri Kamakshi Community Center is launching a new initiative
Full year long weekend classes to help your young children to learn our roots through languages and activities.

“SKCC Bala Vidyalaya” will,

– enrich the young minds with basic letters and words from world’s oldest languages Sanskrit & Tamil,
– help the young minds to learn everyday simple Slokas,
– trigger the inquisitive minds with creative and fun filled activities such as story telling, arts and crafts, painting, role play and much more

Registration for ‘Beginner Level’ in-person classess for the 2023-24 school year is OPEN now.

Eligibility: Children in the regular school Kindergarten to Grade 6 (K-6) (Interest List available for other Grades)
Note: If your child is not in the K-6 but interested in enrolling, please enter your child information in the ‘Interest List Form’. We will start a separate class if there is enough interest.
Date & time : Every Saturday starting September, 2023 from 3pm to 4.30pm (90mins)
Location: 3 easily accessible locations in the Bay Area CA

  • Fremont (Irvington High School)
  • San Jose (Lincoln High School)
  • Dublin (Dublin Elementary  School)

Please register your children using this form below. For FAQs please scroll to the bottom of this page.

For questions, please send an email to : admin-balavidyalaya@srikamakshi.org

SKCC BalaVidyalaya FAQs

  • What is the difference between this school and what is already available elsewhere?

Ans: This school is being built on the ideas & inspirations derived from Sri Periyava to teach our children Tamil along with Samskritam combined with Shlokaas, giving them exposure to Sanatana Dharma, our festivals and their significance. While the students gain fluency in the languages, they will also be able to appreciate the meaning of the Shlokas they learn.

  • What are the age groups that can join this class?

Ans: Please register yourself/your child. This year the plan to start with Grades KG to 6 equivalent in the regular schooling. 

  • List of topics in Syllabus?

Ans: We offer beginner level Tamil and Samskritam with a vocabulary of 300 – 500 words and ability to read/write. There is no prior knowledge required for this level and we will teach students to read/write from the basics. The list of activities and Shlokaas will vary. Please leave your name and phone number at https://form.jotform.com/231534757828163 and we can share more details. 

  • What plans do you have for the school? 

Ans: We do have plans for intermediate and advanced levels. Please visit this page in the future.

  • Tamizh is not our mother tongue. Do you have options to teach languages like Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati etc?

Ans: The school is offering classes for both Tamil and Sanskrit as per Mahaperiyava’s vision. 

  • What is the timing for these classes?

Ans: Classes will be conducted 3:00 – 4:30 pm on Saturdays at the respective venues. 

  • At what locations are the classes being conducted?

Ans: The classes are being conducted in various locations across the Bay Area. San Jose, Fremont & Pleasanton

  • Will you be teaching students Veda as part of this class?

Ans: No this class will not cover Veda. This will be a language plus Shloka class. If you are interested in Veda classes, please contact  Chandramouli mama at (https://srikamakshi.org/about-us/)

  • We only want to learn Tamizh. We are not interested in Samskritam? Would you be taking classes accordingly?

Ans: At this time the school is offering both languages. It would be a great opportunity for the child to be multilingual and pick up different languages. We would encourage you to sign up and provide your contact information. We will be able to get back to you with more details.

  • Will this school have homework etc.?

Ans: Yes, we will provide light homework for the children to finish during the course of the week. This will help them keep in touch with what they have learnt and provide reinforcement opportunities to learn the languages faster.

  • Covering 2 language classes in 1.5 hours seems difficult for the children to handle. Can you please explain?

Ans: The 1.5 hours is split into two with 45 minutes for each language. We will also teach them Shlokaas during each language lesson and hence will not be monotonous delivery throughout the class. There will also be activities like coloring, art work etc. to keep students well engaged.

  • I would like to volunteer to be part of this initiative? 

Ans: Definitely. Please leave your name, contact information and location, for us to reach out to you here

  • What religious events will the children be exposed to?

Ans: The children will have an opportunity to learn about all the Hindu festivals that happen around the year. We will help educate them on the significance of each, and have activities around each of these festivals. 

  • What about absentees? How do you help children catch up?

  Ans: The respective class teacher will work with children to ensure progress as best as they can. Children usually will be able to pick up. On homeworks etc. parents need to work with children to ensure they are caught up.

  • Will there be exams?

Ans: Yes! We will evaluate student skills to promote them to higher levels.